You’ll Only Feel a Little Prick


As a nurse, I take my job seriously. I chose this profession because I care about people, and I want to help them in their times of need. Sometimes, though, their time of need because my worst nightmare. This isn’t something I do often, but perhaps more often than I care to admit to the people who know me (and worth with me). 

We often get patients who are downright rude, insulting, and borderline offensive. It can be difficult to share such a closed space with someone who is putting you down as you’re trying to work on them. There’s a difference between people who act out due to their nerves, and those who are rude for the sake of it. 

Unfortunately for them, it sometimes results in me having trouble finding a vein when trying to take blood, or insert an IV on a patient who has been particularly horrible. If they aren’t in need of anything like that, I may bump them down the waiting list. Sure, it may make them complain even more to me, but sometimes karma needs some help. 


So, the next time you are in the hospital and the nurse is struggling with a job she does every day, or you seem to be waiting longer than you would have expected… ask yourself how well you have been behaving with the medical staff looking after you. Please know that despite this, I still love my job and I’m really good at it- some people deserve to be put in their place.

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