Work Stress from Night Shift


Anyone who has had the unpleasant undergo of working the night shift knows the drastic lifestyle changes and drowning in waves of stress.  When you are going to work most people are going to sleep.  And once you get into a routine the work stress from the night shift can really leave you in a vexatious depression.  The invisible chains of a nine to five never become more apparent than when working third shift.  As someone who has done it. I know!

When I first started working the night shift I realized that I was barely getting any sleep; anyone with a family can surely relate.  Upon coming home I would get my children ready for daycare as their mother got ready for work.  After dropping the kids off at daycare and taking my beloveds to work, I would finally get home into bed after a shower and just lay staring at my ceiling.

It isn’t being tired that stresses you out, it’s being tired and not being able to go to sleep that does the trick.  When I did sleep at all it was for no more than two to three hours.  Ironically, when going back to work sleep seemed effortless.  I came to the conclusion that the work stress built up from the night shift just wasn’t worth the paycheck.

Studies from the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that almost 15 million Americans work a permanent night shift.  Every day these Americans are faced with the risks of falling asleep on the job, massive stress, fatigue, loss of attention, and can cause serious problems to your body’s metabolism.  Overall working night shift is terrible for your health leaving you more vulnerable to disease.