When You’re Stuck Listening


Sitting in the nurse’s station one day, I am filling out reports when a fellow nurse comes in to complain. As I’m thinking “Here we go again.” She says,

Other Nurse: Do you know how awful Dr. Kevork is to all the patients here? He plays all these nasty jokes to get extra laughs at the patient’s expense.

Me: Uh-huh!

Other Nurse: And do you smell of fish everywhere in the hallway? It’s the worst ever, I want to gag every time I have to walk in the hallway.

Me: Of course.

Other Nurse: And the horrible lunches in our ward, why can’t we get the good stuff like ice cream and chocolate on our floor.

Me: Because we are in the diabetic ward…

Other Nurse: Well, that shouldn’t affect me.

Me: Whatever you say.

This venting session goes on for another 30 minutes until I finally leave to go check on a patient. One thing working in a medical setting is for certain, some nurses like to complain, a lot. Sometimes the complaints are valid and need to be reported. More often than not though, nurses like the one above are looking to kill time and struggle with the different layers which medical professions entail. I do not mind listening but some people wear my patience thin. Fish smells and poor lunches are par for the course when trying to improve people’s health. Only wish my work would improve my health… I eat terribly at home, only pizza and pork rinds for me. At least I feel better after dealing with being a venting station all day.

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