When Creepy Comes Calling


As a nurse, I frequently deal with creeps, so when a man 20 years my senior was hanging out at reception I knew it was going to be one of those days. 

Him: Hey. 

Me: Hi, are you waiting for a doctor or do you need something? 

Him: I’m juuuust fine *he said this as he looked me up and down creepily*

At this point I walked away to take care of other tasks and by the time I came back he was still hanging around. The receptionist quietly took me aside and handed me a note. It had his name and his number on it. 

Me: What’s this?

Him: That guy likes you and wants to know if you’re single and how old you are. 

Me: I’m not interested, he’s way too old. 

I’m hoping he won’t talk to me, because I don’t want to deal with it. He hung around for an hour, and because of the hospital layout I had to pass him every time I needed to cross the lobby. 

Him: Just give me your number.

Me: No. 

I walk faster, because I’m not good at rejecting people, nor do I want to deal with this situation in my place of work. He came back on my day off a few days later, and when he found out I wasn’t working he left. 

Receptionist: It’s a good thing you didn’t offer your number, because he is nuts. 

Me: Why? 


Receptionist: He waited in the parking lot for you, but saw me get into my husband’s work truck. So, he took the number from the truck and called me for days asking for your number. 


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