Top 5 Confessions of a Nurse


As nurses, we’ve all done things we’re not supposed to for the betterment of our patients. I’ve compiled a list of 5 confessions of things I really shouldn’t have done or talk about.

4) I’ve omitted medications

The patient was responding well to the antibiotics and steroids they were already on to treat an infection. The doctor prescribed yet another steroid saying “better safe than sorry.” I knew this was overkill and would pointlessly cause nausea in the patient who was already showing improvement. However, I don’t chart it so it seems like I’m following the rules.

3) Once, I adopted a patient’s dog

The patient had been concerned that her dog was alone and no one could care for him. I agreed to go and check on the dog for her while she remained in the hospital. Unfortunately, she never made it out and I still keep my promise. The dog now lives with me.

2) My secret vice

All nurses need some vice to get through our stressful and time-consuming jobs. A lot will smoke cigarettes, others drink, and others consume massive amounts of junk food. I prefer a more natural vice; every night when my shift ends, I rush home to vape marijuana. Because I vape, it’s safer on my throat and lungs. I see it as a harmless destresser.

1) I had a friend that switched babies after birth

One of my fellow nurses is guilty of switching babies in the birthing ward, but you won’t judge her once you hear her reason. A single mother, unfortunately, passed after giving birth, leaving her baby motherless. At the same time, just down the hall from the single mother, a young couple lost their baby due to complications; they had already had 3 miscarriages. She switched the babies so the couple wouldn’t remain childless and the baby wouldn’t be an orphan.

Being a nurse can be extremely rewarding, but we’re often treated like garbage. We’ve all broken rules for the betterment of our patients, things we wouldn’t ever admit to unless it were anonymous.