Top 5 Complaints About Being a Nurse


Being a nurse is the most difficult and rewarding job there is. You have to be strong as steel to handle some of the nonsense we have to put up with. Our daily stress level is tremendous. That’s why most of us have some type of vice to cope.


5) Not taking the best care of yourself

Our job is stressful and consumes the majority of our time, is it any wonder we don’t take the best care of ourselves? We all have vices to cope with the stress; some of us eat junk food, others smoke, just whatever we need to get us through the day.


4) Too many mayors

Everyone wants to be in charge and thinks they’re in charge, however, it’s always the nurses that are behind all the work. They tend to make us jump through hoops to answer to a million different people when we already know what to do.


3) Not being recognized for good work, but being in the spotlight for mistakes

We never get praised for our hard work and dedication, but the second we make a mistake, we’re thrown under a microscope.


2) The way patients treat us

Several patients look down on us because we’re “just nurses.” They treat us like maids, they objectify us, and they treat us like we aren’t people. Or they try to scam us, as if we’re dumb.


1) The way doctors treat us

The doctors often look down on us. They’ll treat us like secretaries or glorified maids and assume we aren’t as intelligent as they are.