Top 4 Horrible Patient Stories


Everyone loves a good medical horror story. The number one question most nurses are asked when it is discovered that they are a nurse: “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” Every nurse has his or her favorite answer to this question, too. The longer you’ve been a nurse the more practice and better your anecdotes become. Without further ado, here’s a collection of my favorite nurse horror stories.

4)Nipple confusion

One man thought that he had a new spot on his chest and was afraid of cancer. I quickly informed him that there was no cause for alarm; those were nipples and everyone had them.

3) A fever that could kill

Someone who didn’t quite understand how checking temperatures was supposed to work with babies informed her nurse that the baby had a fever of somewhere around 225 degrees, which is impossible because the child would have died much before it reached that high of a temperature. Come to find out, she would compare the feel of the temperature of her baby’s forehead to that of her hand in front of the oven at various temperatures.

2 ) Nuvaring bracelet

The birth control, Nuvaring, is a ring inserted into the vagina. One girl misunderstood, returned for another while wearing the ring as a bracelet.

1) When men really are dogs

There was an adult male patient that decided bedpans weren’t his jam and leaned over the edge of the bed, pooped on the floor, and wanted the nurse to clean it up as if he were a dog.

Everyone is fascinated by a riveting hospital horror tale. These anecdotes always captivate, especially those that have been in the medical profession for a long time.

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