This room Stinks


Far be it from me to tell patients what their priority should be, but as a hospital nurse my priority is the health and comfort of the patients that I serve. Thanks to Press Ganey, though, there has been a serious shift in what we see as priorities. You’re relieved, right?

In our most recent Press Ganey survey we were made aware of a serious issue that we hadn’t realized was affecting the lives of so many of our patients. Thankfully, one brave patient was courageous enough to bring it to our attention via the Press Ganey.     

It wasn’t about the nurses attending to her, or even whether the doctors were friendly or attentive on their rounds. It wasn’t about whether adequate testing was completed, or the level of medications was appropriate. It wasn’t about waiting times, or any other comments that you would expect to see in a survey about hospital care. No, because it was far more serious than that. In all honesty, it was a lesson that we all needed to learn. Sometimes a hero emerges from the darkness to light your path. The hero that we didn’t even know what needed, the hero we don’t deserve, but the one that can save all of us.


Thank you to that patient for pointing out our biggest failure. We had no idea just how important having Splenda on hand is. Your stay wasn’t ruined by inattentive medical professionals, or a bad testing experience- it was all about the wrong sweetener.