The Revenge test


I’m probably going to sound like the pettiest nurse on the planet, but… sometimes needs must. There are a few co-workers I hate working with, simply because they are the laziest people on the planet. You know the type, they hang out at the nurse’s station and despite seeing call lights they completely ignore them, waiting for someone else to notice and then pretend they never saw it. 

So, I convinced the House Sup to carry out a test. We went to a patient’s room and turned on the call light and waited to see just how long it would take to get a response. The nurses were at their station, so we know they would have seen the call light. Unfortunately, they were too caught up in their conversations about the holidays to bother responding. After half an hour and still no response, the House Sup went and broke up their Black Friday chat. I believe my point was made. 


Look, I’m a nurse, so I know how difficult nursing can be, but it drives me nuts when other nurses are lazy, because it gives us all a bad name. So, while some may think that my actions were a tad underhanded (they totally were and I don’t even care), I see it as a way to make my life easier, improve the service patients get, aaaaaaaaand it doesn’t hurt to let the House Sup know who the lazy workers are. It really was the ultimate revenge.