That medic pissed me off!!


It’s no secret that there’s a kind of turf war between paramedics and nurses. It’s not mature, nor is it productive, but no matter where you work it’s always there. Since the nurse’s love to give us medics such a hard time, I’m happy to take any opportunity to pay them back in kind.

You’d be surprised how many opportunities I get to do so, considering we work in a small town in the deep south. Perhaps my favorite story is when I answered a call at a bar.

An incredibly drunk man slipped and fell down the stairs, breaking both of his legs. To get to the injury, we had to cut his pants off. In doing so we found a massive and somewhat mushy cucumber taped to the inside of his thigh. Who knows why it was there, there could be… well, there’s probably only one reason. Obviously, he needs vegetables handy to make the perfect salad at any moment, right? Regardless of the why the mature and responsible thing to do would have been to remove the vegetable and dispose of it.

However, the paramedic thing to do was to leave it as is to give the nurses a chance to deal with a nasty rotting vegetable stuck to the inside of this guy’s thigh. Why did you have to let me deal with the smell in my room and have to clean the room after wards!!