Sometimes It’s Stressful


When I tell people that I work at a hospital they always say one of two things, and sometimes both. It’s either “Good for you, that’s great that you do that.” And “Wow, I couldn’t be running around on all my feet all day”(Well, there’s the occasional “Me too!” from some other masochistic individual but that requires a whole different story on a completely different day). My response is almost always, “It’s no big deal.” After that, I prepare to defer, decline, and demolish any attempt at a compliment or discussion about my work.

The thing is though, it is a big deal, a deal so big sometimes it’s too much, and the reward while great and satisfying, does not make up for the battle wounds and scars that we incur on that hospital floor from those who demand too much in too little time.

I’m stressed out. We’re all stressed out. The expectations are sky high, and there’s just not enough time in the work day to meet all the expectations. It stinks going home every night and feeling like there was more you could have done for that day or that there’s something that you could have completed that is now being left for someone else to pick up after.
Then there’s burnout. Suppose I was Super Speedy Gonzales on the hospital floor. How long could I maintain that before burning out? Because, surely attempting to work at that high and unsustainable speed, I will do exactly that, burn out.

So, to the people who know what I do and appreciate it, thanks. Because it’s stressful hard work.