Sheesh, Kids these Days!



Being a nurse, I can remember quite a few patients who caused more than just a little trouble in the ER. There were always a few but one thing I noticed was, unfortunately, they all had substance abuse in common:

Worst the First:
A bride was dragged into the emergency room because she couldn’t behave due to her level of intoxication. She was the meanest person I ever had the pleasure of interacting with before in my life, and the funny part was she didn’t get nicer when she was sober!

Worst the Second:

I’ve also got an interesting story regarding some parenting techniques I’m not so sure are a great idea or the best representation of how to be a parent. A teenager comes into the emergency room because he got into a car crash at about 4:00 am. He said that he hit a pole and we observed that he was probably drunk. The first thing he says to me shocks me. He looks at me and says, “please kill me… please kill me.” Stunned, and not able to believe my ears I reply, “No you’ll be fine.” He replies, “I know that, but I need you to kill me now!” Again, still shocked and not very much understanding the joke, I reply, “No, what’s going on?” He simply says, “That’s my mother’s car!! Once she finds out I damaged it she’s going to kill me so I’d rather you do it now!”
Of course, the mother showed up and was much more concerned about her child than her vehicle. Sheesh, kids these days.

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