Reports and Lies in Healthcare


I hope no one makes this face as they read my report…

Let me start at the beginning, as personnel we are required to have safety sessions where 90% of our patients attend at one time. Trouble is that everyone in my mental health ward has different active times, different triggers, and different calming techniques. I have a man who screams “cow” every time we are doing a tornado drill. Needless to say, with all these different reactions, it is not stable to gather everyone together for a safety session. So I lie. Every other nurse, doctor, or PA in my ward also lies on these reports. I have never met a person who has successfully completed the 90% challenge.

So I am hoping that the people in the main corporate office do not make a face like the above face, or any other disgusted face for that matter. The last thing I need is an audit of our safety sessions… Yes, corporate will audit our safety sessions and compliance measures if they do not like our results. We also can’t use any excuses and they do not listen to our concerns about how hard it is to complete compliance measures to their standards.

I lie, and we lie because we need to do it to protect our jobs. All corporate mostly wants is to have a believable story to prevent lawsuits. I wish corporate would get sued, maybe then I could run the company and actually create change. Or not, but one can dream, right?