Quit nursing Around


Sadly, patients sometimes think that nurses are there just to serve as wait staff. While nurses, like myself, do serve our patients, we’re also in the business of caring for every patient and you know, keeping people alive. Unfortunately Press Ganey has made life hellish at time.

We actually go to a lot of trouble to put on a happy face to keep spirits up around the hospital, and we make our patients feel as comfortable as possible during their stay with us. We are well aware of how difficult a hospital stay can be for a number of people. People have trouble sleeping away from home, and feel anxious without familiar surroundings, so it’s important to us to make sure that we make things as pleasant as possible.

So, it can be fairly frustrating to receive ridiculous comments on Press Ganey surveys. One complaint that we received via the survey was about how the nursing staff smiled too much and were far too happy when in their father’s hospital room. I should make a point that the father was not experiencing a life-threatening condition, nor was it a serious illness.


So, even when we act friendly and try to inject some happiness into the lives of our patients… we just can’t win. I’d suggest we all put our best serious faces on, but it wouldn’t take long for a survey to suggest we’re all unfriendly and miserable with our jobs.