Puts the Ass in right of Passage


I’m currently in my sixth year of being a flight nurse, and having many paramedic partners, I could understand the rivalry between us. A lot of them, though certainly not all, were simply condescending. In other words, they thought they were better for me. Yet, any highly trained individual would know that there is relatively nothing a paramedic does that a nurse can’t do. On the other hand, there are things a paramedic is unable to do that I can do. This isn’t to say that a paramedical profession is the lower career, it’s just stating a fact.

There have been many encounters I’ve had where disputes with paramedics. Always, I try to treat them respect, and know that we both need to cooperate in order to produce the best results. We are a team, there’s no questions about it, and a good team is a level-headed, united team. Regardless, there are times where an all too cocky paramedic worker will take jabs at me. But, I am not only highly specialized in medical training, but my quick witted tongue should have a degree of its own. We were simply having water by the cooler, when he decided to take an offensive crack at me. Keep in mind, I can handle humor, but there’s a certain degree of being my friend that you need to pass first. Consider it a right of passage, and he was just a mere acquaintance, not even on the bridge to my trust.

“How does it feel like to have to get permission from a doctor to do everything?” He asked, coolly.

“How does it feel to always have to rush to wherever the nurses are?” I retorted.

Got ‘em.


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