Nose ring


Being a nurse, I love having fun with my fellow doctor companion. We’re almost making bets on each other. Who can check vitals the fastest, who has the highest customer satisfaction rating (my hospital does surveys, hardly anyone fills them out anyway), and, my personal favorite: who can maintain their composure the best. This can include maintaining proper posture while sitting, not gagging at overly grotesque emergency scenes, and the most common, who can refrain themselves from laughing. You see, too often in this hospital do we get the silliest patients complaining about the most bizarre scenarios. For example, one day, a teenager who couldn’t be more than 17 came into the emergency room. The doctor quickly saw him and asked what was wrong. He answered that he was sure he inhaled his nose ring. Inhaled his nose ring. I glanced over at the doctor, seeing if his lip too was quivering from a stifled laugh. Indeed it was.

            “Inhaled?” The doctor asked, trying to sound polite.

            “Yeah, I think I can feel it in the back of my throat.” The boy answered.

            “How long has it been like this?”

            “A few days ago.” The doctor couldn’t help but sigh,

            “So there’s a nose ring in your esophagus… but you’ve been consuming food just fine?”


            “Yeah I can eat.” He answered. Wow! What a miracle for someone who inhaled his nose ring. Out of respect, the doctor sent the young lad for an xray, and to none of ours surprise, it came out clear, and finally we lets ourselves laugh like maniacs, until we were so out of breath that we couldn’t possible inhale our own nose rings either.