Narcan Pay Back!!


It can be really heart-wrenching to see someone ravaged by drugs, being wheeled into the hospital on the cusp of death. While some people aren’t sympathetic to drug addicts, I see the other side. I see the hurt and pain that it causes the family, and how difficult it is for an addict to overcome the addiction that has ravaged their life. I see people bounce back from an addiction, only to slip back under its influence after hitting a rough patch.

Unfortunately, we deal with a lot of drug overdoses in my line of work. I have a lot of sympathy and compassion for people who struggle with addiction. There are plenty of reasons why people turn to drugs, and every one of them deserves support and understanding.

I know all of that, and I understand it, too.

When a patient comes through those doors overdosing on an opioid we treat it with Narcan. A drug that blocks the opioid from working and reverses the effects. For the most part, it takes just one injection, but for some cases, it takes two.

Despite my deep understanding of the issues that many addicts face, I still get a sick pleasure from seeing the face of someone as they come to after I push that Narcan. They’re so close to death, yet they wake up pissed that their high has been ruined. I feel joy because we saved their life, but also a perverse sense of satisfaction that I just peed on their drug high parade.