Labor & Delivery


More and more hospitals are becoming private. Making city hospitals into private medical facilities seems like a good idea for some, and the reason for them to feel this way is that everyone who works in big business wants to make a buck. However, sometimes as a doctor you have to do what’s best for your patient and not what the administrators want for the hospital.

I work in Labor and delivery and we do everything to save both mother and child every day, sometimes what we do is costly, but it also happens to save lives. Doing this does not make it easy for our chief financial officer or rather our CFO, to make money for the company who owns the hospital.

I understand sure that they need to turn a profit to keep the hospital open and running smoothly, but lives come first. So I will do what I need to do to make sure that families go home together whole and with as few problems as possible. But, what really bugs me is when they have auditors come in and tell me what I can and cannot do for a patient. I am the doctor I went to school for numerous years and no ‘bean counter’ is going to tell me how many gauze pads I can send home with a woman who just had a c-section, or how many pads I can send home with a lady who just gave natural birth. Yes, I understand that they can buy their own at the store, but would you want to go to the store after birthing a human being the size of a watermelon. NO, I DON’T THINK YOU WOULD.