Just a gripe session





Here are some examples of the complaints employees have lodged about their work and work environment in the healthcare field:



  • You have to work around sick people (“Can’t some of these patients be well??).
  • The dress code is boring (“Another day of scrubs!”).
  • No work from home days (“Why can’t I work from home like other industries. I can call into the patients at their hospital beds!”).
  • The generally poor quality of hospital food. (“It would be more tasty for me to go into the Gift Shop and eat the Mylar balloons”).
  • Parking facility (“The doctors get special parking spaces. The rest of the staff has to park in a different zip code”).
  • Lack of adequate security (“The security guards they hire are so old and frail that they can’t pull their uniforms over their oxygen tents.”)
  • More on security: “There are so many people hanging around this place who look suspicious that I having a feeling if I yelled out “Police!,” we’d clear the building.
  • Sanitary conditions (“Have you seen the floors in this place? We could scrape off enough mold to make our own penicillin.”)
  • HR department: “I’m not sure we’re hiring the best and brightest in our HR department. When I came in for my interview, the recruiter asked if I was okay working around doctors and sick people.”
  • Payroll department: “I know payroll departments have a tough job and make mistakes sometimes, but I don’t think the numbers on my weekly paycheck should move around faster than the Wheel of Fortune.”
  • Manners and courtesy of the doctors: “Some of these doctors think they are gods. They’re not only in the 1% financially, they’re also in the 1% of biggest a_shol_s.”
  • Doctors: “Male doctors never held the door for me. But ever since I had the breast augmentation, couldn’t be nicer.”
  • Nurses: “Some nurses are only here because they want to marry a rich doctor. I’m only here because I DIDN”T marry a rich doctor.”
  • Cheap: “This place is so cheap, we all rented a bus to go to the local Dollar Store to exchange the holiday gifts they gave us.”
  • Lack of staff: “You know you have a lack of staff in a hospital when the names in the phone directory only starts with 7 different letters.”
  • Equipment: “The equipment in this place is so old, some it has teethmarks from the last Tyrannosaurus that was admitted.”
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