Every Unit has a Complainer


If you’re a nurse, then you know this is true. There are nurses that complain about their assignments, the doctors, the nurse’s aides, the weather, the patients, and… well, pretty much everything and anything that springs to mind. 

I know that there’s been one in every unit I’ve worked in, and if I were to rank them all… it would be easier than you’d think. One nurse in particular really takes the cake, and whenever I was around him I would do my best to either avoid him entirely, or change the subject when his complaining started. Complainers are really good at drawing others in to their web of complaining. When others join in, it fuels their complaining. 

One night I couldn’t avoid him, because we were working together. As soon as his complaining started I sighed inwardly, but I thought there may be a better way. I agreed with absolutely everything he said, just by nodding and murmuring without saying a single word. 


I figured by tuning him out I could go to my happy place since he was already in his, unfortunately I missed the moment he stopped complaining and asked me out. It was probably the most awkward time of my working life, especially when I had to walk back my yes. I figured it was the perfect moment to let him know I wasn’t listening because every word from his mouth is a complaint. He never spoke to me again, so it all worked out. 

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