Eat at Your Own risk



I work nightshifts at the hospital, and one of the biggest struggles I have is keeping my energy up and staying healthy. Exhaustion often leads to carb loading, which does nothing for the waist line. I go to great lengths to pick out energy boosting snacks and foods that will keep me going all night long, and not give me a spare tire around in the belly region. Every night shifter (of any industry) knows about this trap, it’s just inevitable. 

Another inevitability is that annoying co-worker who loves to steal everyone’s food. The guy who thinks it’s totally cool to help himself to my carrot sticks, yogurts, drinks, or whatever else tickles his fancy. Now, the mature response would be to find out who it is and approach him to tell him to knock it off. However, I much prefer the passive aggressive approach. It’s far more time efficient… and fun. It was time to take revenge on the serial snack thief. What better to lure the fiend in than with brownies? Unfortunately for him, those brownies were laced with laxatives. I got a great laugh out of it, the serial snack thief learned his lesson, and I know that my food will be safe, no matter how attractive or delicious it is. 


Okay, it wasn’t the most professional approach to handle the situation, but I’ve never been fond of sharing food- especially when I didn’t consent to the sharing in the first place. 

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