Chickens and Tricksters on psych Ward


Night shifts at the Psych ward are often slow; however, recently we have had a recent set of weird behaviors in my unit which can only be described as bizarre and even bizarre might not be accurate.

 It all started about a week ago when I heard a chicken sound coming from one of the patient’s rooms. Now, in mental health, depending on the ward, sometimes this is normal behavior. What was odd about this was the time of day in which this was occurring. I began to investigate. I ended up in the back of the ward looking in a closet for a chicken sound. I did not find it; however, I found a tape recorder in the closet which was making the noise. Of course, I’m not used to being pranked by the patients, so I thought in my head who could have pulled this prank off. “Not Charlie, he is deathly afraid of chickens, and not Vince because he is claustrophobic. So that leaves… any number of people, but Jenny is the most likely to play a trick like this one.” Then I head off to Jenny’s room. Lo and behold, there’s an actual chicken in Jenny’s room! Not what I expected and I had to shut the door to control my laughter and not wake Jenny. I may not have figured out who played the prank but I definitely got my surprise on the night shift.

 At the shift report, I found out that Jenny has a chicken to help her in exposure therapy. I was definitely scared, and I still did not know who played the prank, but I learned about the creative imaginations and needs of my residents.