Blood Navigation


I work as a nurse in a hospital that fields patients from a lot of smaller, rural towns that haven’t had much of an education. It can be frustrating, because they ask a lot of questions, simply because they don’t know some of the basics. In the following situation, my patient is in need of a blood transfusion. To make them feel more at ease I tried to talk them through the process so they would feel at ease with what was happening. 

Me: I’m going to call the blood bank and prepare the blood. When I get the bag, I’ll hook it up to the IV for infusion. Then I’ll monitor the vital signs throughout the process. 

Member of the Family: How does it know where to go? 

Me: Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. 

Member of the Family: The blood, how does it know where to go?

Me: It goes into the veins, through the IV.

Member of the Family: How does it know what to do from there?

Me: Well, that’s where your blood is… in the veins. 

Member of the Family: Huh, I’ve always wondered about that. 

Once I had the blood I was priming the IV tubing with saline solution (which is clear because it’s just salt water). 


Member of the Family: Is… is that the blood?