This mattress is no Good!!!


I’m a nurse, so I know that people have trouble settling when staying in the hospital. One of the biggest reasons people have difficulty getting comfortable in hospitals is because their roommate has a lot of visitors making rest impossible, or they want to make conversation, or they’re just downright annoying in a wide variety of other ways. It’s unfortunate, but it’s just one of the necessary evils of hospital care. Unless you can afford to enjoy a private room, it’s just inevitable that you will be affected by your roommate(s).

You would think that people know that by now, right? Well, apparently not! One of my patients decided he would have his revenge, and he did so by using the Press Ganey survey to do so.

He actually took the time to say that he had gotten terrible sleep during his stay. He first cited the uncomfortable beds as the reason for this, but he didn’t leave it there. Oh no! He also complained that his dying roommate (yes, really) had the audacity to keep him up all night by breathing very loudly. Also, the number of staff coming in and out of the room to attend to his roommate was also unacceptable. All of this made for a very unpleasant stay for him, and everyone should receive their own room.


He did get some good news, though, he did get to go home, unlike his roommate who passed away. 

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