Press Ganey Sucks


How do I put this to all of you gently and with finesse? Hmm..Okay, here it is. Survey’s really suck. They’re useless. And biased. Do I sound negative? Oh, sorry, but surveys suck. Excuse my French (why do people always say that,when it’s not even French).


First of all, surveys in general are useless. Who fills out a survey? Mostly people who have an “ax to grind” (and that I’d like to take an ax to!). Most people who are satisfied with a service or product don’t take the time to give good feedback. It’s just not human nature. And, most that do you wonder about because you have to ask yourself, “Doesn’t this person have anything better to do than fill out a survey?” And, if it’s negative you ask yourself, “Doesn’t this person have anything better to do than fill out a survey?” Wait, that’s the same response for both the happy and unhappy. But, that kind of supports my argument.


I’ve read that only 4%-6% of people who people who receive surveys actually fill them out. That means 94%-96% of people who receive them just toss them away or hit delete. Okay, maybe some the ones who were most dissatisfied are now too dead to fill out a survey, hey, that’s life. Or not. The point is, a survey is not a good measurement stick to evaluate an institution or it’s employees. In fact, I think some of the people who run them should BE IN an institution. Then, we can send them a survey and see how they enjoyed their stay in a rubber room somewhere. They probably won’t even fill out the survey, which would actually be a very sane act on their part. Maybe help get an early release from the mental hospital.



You want to get some real, hard data on satisfaction? Go knock on their doors. If they can still get to the door, open the door and cogently answer your question, it’s a pretty good healthcare outcome. I’d put that in the plus column.


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