Horror Movie


Do you know what’s the worst experience in being a nurse? No, it’s not that you have to watch people constantly flood through the emergency room, never knowing if you’re going to see yet another gut-wrenching horror scene again. Nor is it hearing the pregnant mothers rock back and forth, seeming like a balloon that keeps blowing up into it’s inevitable popping point.  It’s horror movies. Yes horror movies.

You may be wondering what horror movies have to do with nursing in the first place. They have nothing to do with it, but I, a nurse who mainly helps assist with baby deliveries, decided it was a great idea to watch the japanese classic horror: Ring. You know, that girl with the freakishly long hair that crawls out of the television set and kills you if you watch her VHS tape) Yeah, it’s pretty old I guess if you’re still using VHS tapes.

There’s a scene in the movie where Samara, the demon from the Ring possesses the protagonist’s son, Ayden, is being held by child protective services in the hospital due to hypothermia. In actuality, the kid is just cold because a demon is possessing him. While it wasn’t scary upon initial viewing, the idea of having a freezing iced well demon trapped up inside you in a hospital could be quite chilling, no pun intended. Especially during the night shifts, when all but on light is off, and that sole source of illumination is left flickering. I practically timed the breaths of the mother’s who were giving birth to the flicker of the light, just so when it flashed white I could glance down the hall, making sure no freaking japanese demon was there.

Until the baby was finally delivered of course and I realized the newborn was the demon,