5 minutes


Being a nurse is an amazing experience. Not only is it a well paying career (for me, at least), but it is highly respectable. Further, for those who are social beings, the profession offers numerous opportunities to connect and bond with your patients, coworkers, and of course, the doctors themselves. But working under someone has always bugged my control freak self, and I am always trying to get the one up on my doctors. Rest assured, it’s all in friendly fun. I imagine it’s similar to the tease that a wife does to her significant other, the kind of “I’m always right” humor. Accompanied in this “always right” attitude is the absolute constant compulsion to deliver the wittiest responses to my doctors notes.

            For example, my doctor often leaves notes for us in the patient’s longue. These notes are written on the whiteboard in a black or red EXPO marker, and typically contain inspirational quotes related to the medical practice. Further, they could also read reminders, give us any heads up for meetings, relist a schedule, or whatever else the doctor wants to scrawl on the board. One day, the message read;

            “Always keep in mind that the initial five minutes of a person’s life is the most dangerous.” Seeing the marker still on the board, I retrieved it and wrote below,

            “The final five are pretty dangerous, too.”